Supporting the environment through PrintReleaf!

Question: What’s even better than saving on the cost of printing and generating your documents?
Answer: Saving on those costs and helping the environment at the same time!
Business owners and organization directors will now have the opportunity to not only save on the bottom line cost-per-page price of printing their documents; they will have the chance to help sustain and grow the global forestry system too!
Pulse Technology is pleased to announce our partnership with PrintReleaf, a certification system and platform to help companies offset their paper usage.
The PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) patented software platform enables businesses to help sustain and grow the global forestry system, one print job at a time. Pulse Technology customers can even have a say in which managed forestry programs they want to support. In October alone Pulse Technology has helped in planting more than 230 trees all over the world, it is just the beginning. Learn more about sustainability efforts at https://printreleaf.com/PulseTechnology
“We’ve always been strong advocates for conservation,” says our CEO Chip Miceli, who notes that not only do our Managed Print Services help customers save on the cost to generate documents, a zero waste toner recycling program for consumables, including: cartridges, bottles, toner collection containers and drum units, but now with this partnership we take it a step further and help the environment by the planting of trees.
PrintReleaf is a third-party certified, secure, automated platform that provides companies with an effortless way of moving toward sustainability, providing tracking and reporting data so that reforestation results can be shared.
This patented technology measures total paper consumption and converts that total into an equivalent number of trees that are automatically and certifiably planted around the world. Pulse Technology customers can then choose their reforestation sites and track their ongoing impact with their own PrintReleaf portal.
If you are interested in being part of this conservation effort, it’s easy! Just give us a call 888.357.4277 or email us at info@pulsetechnology.com.

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