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Sustainable Printing and Copying

Epson Heat-Free Technology

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Epson Addresses Climate Change with Heat-Free Printing

Over a third of CO2 emissions come from buildings. Improving how we utilize our workspace will make a positive impact on the environment. In an effort to offer more sustainable solutions, Epson has created a Precision Core, a Heat-Free Technology printer that will help you start helping our planet. 

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Reduce Energy
Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce Waste
Reduce Waste

Reduce Paper Usage
Reduce Paper Usage

Save Money and PlanetSave Money
& Our Planet



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Just the Facts

In the U.S. alone, imaging equipment devices:
  • Consume 30 billion kWh of energy
  • Contribute to 375 million empty ink & toner cartridges that end up in landfills
  • Generate 10,000 printed pages per employee each year. 4,500 pages (45%) of those pages end up in the trash bin
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  • Automatic double-sided printing feature reduces paper usage
  • Uses less energy than laser printers - up to 85% less!
  • No warm-up time = faster printing
  • Typically needs fewer replacement parts over time

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