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Data loss and the disasters that precede them can be both costly and distressing. 93% of companies that experience a data loss go out of business within 5 years.

Data Backup
is the process of copying data to a specific location, from which the data can be retrieved in the event of an unexpected infrastructure or service problem.

System backup and recovery is the complete process required to safeguard data and services against issues and restore them in the event of failure. Though a backup is a component of disaster recovery, it is only one part of a more complex process.

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96% of businesses do not back up their workstations

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System Backup and Recovery Features

  • Imagine the peace of mind knowing your critical data is always protected. Our system backup and recovery solution offers a multi-layered approach to ensure your business continuity:

    • Ironclad Protection: Automatic backups create copies of your data on a regular basis, safeguarding it from accidental deletion, hardware failures, or even cyberattacks.
    • Fort Knox Security: Duplicated data is securely stored using industry-leading encryption methods, keeping it safe from unauthorized access.
    • Disaster Recovery at Warp Speed: When disaster strikes, our system allows for rapid data recovery, minimizing downtime and getting you back to business quickly.
    • Compliance Confidence: Maintain strict adherence to industry regulations and data privacy laws with a comprehensive backup solution that facilitates easy data retrieval for audits.





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