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Automated Efficiency with Digital Print Management

Digital print management applications revolutionize your printing, replacing manual tasks with automated efficiency. Gain control through centralized workflows, secure access, and detailed cost tracking. Streamline your processes and enhance security while effectively managing printing expenses.

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Improved Search and Recovery of Documents

Enabling secure document digitization for swift and efficient search and retrieval. Empower your team by saving valuable time and enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Security & Industry Compliance

Securing sensitive information when printing, digitizing, and transmitting is essential. With our print management tools, you'll feel confident that you're documents are secure and industry compliant. 

Eliminate Waste & Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Cloud-based print management tools help you minimize paper waste by giving you more control over print jobs and eliminating uncollected documents.

Streamlined Digital Workflows & Automation

Effortlessly integrate documents and data into your existing systems and applications, while also automating processes to propel your company's productivity to new heights.



Did you know that up to 12%
of print jobs are uncollected?

Source: Papercut




Centralized IP Printing Management

By centralizing the management of IP printing, you'll have access to web-based features from just one screen. Plus, you'll empower your employees to add printers easily and print from any device, anywhere.

Digital Faxing

Send and receive faxes without the need for a physical fax machine and ensure your transmissions are secure with end-to-end encryption safeguards.

Print & Access Controls

Control who, when, and how employees print. Plus you'll be able to leverage the combination of identity cards and embedded MFD software for quick ’tap and release’ of print jobs.



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