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Managed Print Services

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Take Control of Your Costs with Managed Print Services

Gain visibility and take control of your printing environment through a custom solution that reduces waste and increases efficiency. Take advantage of automated supply replenishment, increased productivity, and peace of mind while our experts handle the rest. Implemented and monitored by our team of experts who are trained and experienced technicians so that you can focus on your business.

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EKM Insight Data Collection Agent

Pulse Technology partners with EKM Insight Data Collection Agent to deliver the customer a smooth automated process. EKM Insight is the Data Collection Agent that is installed in the customers' environment to report data from print devices back to Pulse Technology.

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Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Print Management Solutions

Digital print management applications revolutionize your printing, replacing manual tasks with automated efficiency. Gain control through centralized workflows, secure access, and detailed cost tracking. Streamline your processes and enhance security while effectively managing printing expenses.

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The average office worker prints
10,000 pages a year

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