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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How It Can Both Cause And Prevent Cyber Attacks
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Who is Pulse Technology?

Latest Tech News

Artificial Intelligence (AI): how it can both cause and prevent cyber attacks, and how to use it

February 27, 2024
8 Min Read
By Vince Mazza, Guest columnist Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming mainstream in our lives, as its uses and applications continue to...
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Future-Proof Your Business: Technology Assessments in the Chicagoland Area

February 20, 2024
5 Min Read
Technology is the lifeblood of modern businesses, but keeping pace with its continuous evolution can be daunting. This is where Technology Assessment...
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Microsoft Azure – A Powerful, Useful Tool for the Financial Industry

February 13, 2024
5 Min Read
Forget the struggle to stay competitive in the ever changing financial market. Microsoft Azure is an incredible tool that will help to propel your...
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Customer Testimonials

"Pulse Technology has some great employees who work very hard to make sure you are happy. The number of support tickets have definitely diminished and we look forward to new ideas to come from them. All of our employees now have much better access to the Microsoft tools they need whether they are in the office, on the job site or elsewhere. The productivity level is better with less complaints from employees."

Victoria D.

| Construction Company

"The Pulse team are wonderful to work with! Everyone provides quick, expert and personal care when you need it to keep your team moving on what's most important to you. They also proactively plan for your company's future needs, providing affordable and realistic options, always looking for creative solutions."

Courtney B.

| Nonprofit Organization

"Pulse deals with a large number of different solutions and equipment. They listen to your needs and make it easy to order exactly what you need."

Brian J.

| Law Firm

"Pulse was willing to work with our needs, our budget, and completely support us along the way. The product they offered looked great and was American made not far from home. Pulse Technology is the ideal technology solution. Pulse stood by us before, during, and well after our purchase. They are continually checking in on our satisfaction with our product. I could not be happier with the way they have conducted business with us!"

Mark B.

| School District

"Pulse is forward thinking, proactive, professional and easy to work with."

Tracy H.

| Chamber of Commerce

"Pulse Technology is a local company receptive to our small business' needs. They strive for our satisfaction in terms of getting the job done efficiently and helping us save money."

Jennifer R.

| Psychology Medical Practice

Construction Company
Non Profit
Law Firm
School District
Chamber of Commerce
Medical Practice



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