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OpenEye Cloud Video Surveillance

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Where physical security meets the cloud

Tired of managing complex security systems? OpenEye offers a powerful solution that combines the unwavering reliability of local recording with the effortless convenience of the cloud. Manage your entire video surveillance system remotely, access footage and receive alerts instantly, and benefit from robust cloud security features – all while keeping your system scalable and adaptable to your ever-changing needs. Experience simplified operations, enhanced security, and increased efficiency with OpenEye Cloud Security.

Simplify Your Surveillance



Key Benefits and Features

Prevent System Downtime

Streamline User Management

Simplify Remote Connectivity

Reduce I.T. Workload

Expedite Video Export and Sharing

Simplify security management with OpenEye's cloud video surveillance solution. Grant granular user access, deploy updates instantly, and streamline setup with built-in tools. Share evidence effortlessly with secure cloud storage and email. OWS proactively safeguards your system, minimizing downtime with health monitoring and alerts. Additionally, it leverages video analytics and AI surveillance capabilities to automate tasks, detect suspicious activity, and provide valuable insights, making your security system even more intelligent and efficient.

Empowered By Insights

Remote Simplicity

Complete Integration

Customer Success Stories

Wheatland Bank, focused on customer service and fraud prevention, upgraded their surveillance system with OpenEye Web Services. This provided centralized camera management, remote access for investigations, and automated health monitoring. As a result, they've improved security while reducing IT burden and investigation costs. Read their story

Wheatland Bank

The Plaza Riviera, a commercial building in California, faced issues like vandalism and unauthorized dumping. They installed an OpenEye video system that allowed remote monitoring, helped identify culprits, and streamlined maintenance, leading to a safer environment and cost savings. Read their story

Plaza Riviera Professional Building

Gonzaga University, with its large campus and diverse security needs, upgraded their surveillance system to OpenEye. This new system provided them with centralized management, high-definition video, and the ability to integrate their existing cameras, leading to reduced maintenance costs and improved security. Read their story

Gonzaga University

White Earth Behavioral Health struggled with their aging video surveillance system across multiple locations. This caused issues like missing video evidence due to camera downtime. By implementing OpenEye, they gained remote access, real-time health monitoring, and centralized management, leading to improved security and response times. Read their story

White Earth Behavioral Health

CKE Restaurants, a large fast food chain, needed to improve operational standards and reduce fraud across their stores. They implemented OpenEye's loss prevention solution which integrated with their existing video surveillance system and point-of-sale systems. This allowed them to identify suspicious activities and improve their investigation efficiency, saving them over $40,000 in just a few months. Read their story

CKE Restaurants

Corbin Independent School District wanted a security upgrade for their 15 facilities, seeking cloud access, mobile compatibility, and local support. They partnered with Southeast Banking Systems to install OpenEye hardware and OpenEye Web Services (OWS). The new system provides easy video retrieval, cloud-based clip sharing, and remote access, improving their ability to respond to incidents and collaborate with law enforcement. Read their story

Corbin Independent Schools

Bank Story
Plaza Customer Story
University Story
White Earth Story
CKE Customer Story Image
School District Story

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