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Party On – From a Distance

No question – this year has turned people’s lives sideways. Dining rooms have morphed into offices, it’s casual Friday every day, and Zoom has become not only a household name, but the connection for many to the outside world!

So, imagine the impending retiree who after x number of years on the job has decided to call it a day. Twenty, 30, 40 years or more at a career and not a party to look forward to – no toast, no cake, no present and no chance to tell their colleagues how much (or little) they have enjoyed their time at ABC, Inc.

But in this day of virtually everything virtual, why not a likewise retirement party? Give that retiree one final Zoom call and turn it into a celebration. And make it a true-to-life party by having everyone who shows up on the screen wearing a party hat and displaying a retirement decoration.

Depending on the number of people in attendance, devote time for everyone to share humorous and/or sentimental stories about the retiree. Sing their praises, recall some highlights of their career and maybe take a stroll down the ways the company has changed during the time the celebrant has worked there.

Make sure the retiree never forgets about their colleagues by shipping over a package with customized items – like coffee mugs bearing a photo of each (or selected) co-workers. Or maybe an assorted collection of other company branded items, t-shirts with humorous work quotes – you get the picture.

If possible, clue the retiree’s spouse or other family member about the party plans so that a champagne toast and a cake is at the ready when the festivities are underway.

Retirement is a rite of passage that deserves to be commemorated…even in this day of social distancing. With a little creativity and organization, you can show that co-worker what they have meant to you and the company. A virtual handshake or hug may not make up for the real thing, but it can help convey a very real sentiment. Learn more by emailing us:

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