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A person giving a presentation on a Sharp Interactive Whiteboard in a conference room with clients and co-workers

3 Benefits of a Sharp Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards, also known as smartboards are a type of digital display that allows users to interact with content using their fingers or a stylus. They are typically equipped with high-resolution touch screens, built-in speakers and microphones, and a variety of connectivity options. They are becoming increasingly popular in businesses of all sizes, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional whiteboards and projectors.

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3 Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards for Businesses
  1. More engaging presentations

Sharp’s interactive whiteboards make it easy to create and deliver engaging presentations. Users can annotate documents, play videos, and even create interactive polls and quizzes. This helps to keep audiences engaged and focused on the material. Presentations to your investors, clients, or potential customers become more impressive and make a greater impact.

  1. Enhanced collaboration

They are also ideal for collaboration. Multiple users can work on the same document at the same time, and changes are made in real time. This makes it easy for teams to brainstorm ideas, develop solutions, and work on projects together. You can make office meetings more engaging and develop better ideas and synergy.

  1. Improved training

Sharp interactive whiteboards can also be used to improve employee training. Trainers can use the boards to display presentations, videos, and other learning materials. They can also use the boards to interact with trainees and provide feedback. This helps to create a more enjoyable and effective learning experience.

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Ways Businesses Can Use Sharp Interactive Whiteboards in Their Day-to-Day Operations
  1. Create interactive product demos. An interactive whiteboard can be used to create product demos that are more engaging and informative than traditional demos. For example, you could use a smartboard to create a demo that allows customers to interact with your product in real time, or to create a demo that includes multimedia elements like videos and animations.

  2. Host virtual meetings and conferences. Smartboards can be used to host virtual meetings and conferences that are more interactive and engaging than traditional meetings (say goodbye to boring work meeting!). For example, you could use a smartboard to share presentations, whiteboard ideas in real time, and collaborate with participants who are located in different parts of the country.

  3. Conduct training and onboarding. Smartboards can be used to conduct training and onboarding sessions that are more effective and efficient. For example, you could use a smartboard to create interactive training modules, to provide real-time feedback to trainees, and to collaborate with trainees on projects.

  4. Brainstorm. The Sharp interactive whiteboard can be used to brainstorm with your team in a more creative and productive way. For example, you could use a smartboard to create mind maps, to sketch out ideas, and to share and collaborate on ideas with your team members.

  5. Provide customer service. Smartboards can be used to provide customer service in a more interactive and personalized way. For example, you could use a smartboard to walk customers through product tutorials, to troubleshoot problems with customers, or to answer customer questions in a more visual and engaging way.

  6. Create and deliver interactive training courses. Smartboards can be used to create and deliver interactive training courses to your employees or customers. For example, you could use a smartboard to create training courses on new products or services, on company policies and procedures, or on other topics.

Learn More About The Sharp Interactive Whiteboard

Sharp interactive whiteboards are a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. They offer a number of benefits, including more engaging presentations, enhanced collaboration, and improved training. Businesses can use these smartboards in a variety of ways to improve their day-to-day operations and achieve their business goals. See Available Whiteboards



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