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Managed Antivirus Protection to the Rescue

Managed Antivirus Protection to the Rescue


Let’s say you own a small to mid-sized business. You know you should have properly maintained and updated antivirus protection but may not have the resources, skill, finances or desire to maintain a dedicated IT security team.

Enter managed antivirus software. Designed to protect computers from viruses, antivirus software is “managed” when it’s installed, updated, and monitored by a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Managed antivirus is an efficient, cost-effective and reliable alternative to in-house IT and definitely better than attempting to maintain cyber security in the absence of the appropriate knowledge.  With managed antivirus, companies of all sizes can effectively outsource their antivirus management needs to an IT specialist, thereby maintaining a high level of malware protection.

This arrangement allows businesses to maintain a robust malware solution without the overhead of keeping an in-house IT team. Moreover, it removes antivirus management responsibilities from internal staff whose primary jobs are not necessarily IT. Not to scare you, but even one misconfigured security software setting can open the door to malware infection.

A business can take comfort in knowing that an outsourced IT professional will install antivirus software on employee workstations, servers, computers, and devices, schedule scans, and in general monitor the health of the business network. Implement, monitor, maintain and manage to ensure systems are protected at all times – that’s managed antivirus in a nutshell.

And with cyber attacks constantly evolving and new threats rearing their ugly heads daily, managed antivirus is not a luxury, but more a necessity.  

Not every MSP is the same, but most will offer an end-to-end solution that covers all aspect of antivirus management, including deployment, monitoring and threat remediation. Typical services may include software deployment, software configuration, update management, even monitoring, log analysis and license management.

The advantages to using managed antivirus are many; ultimately managed antivirus is a valuable mechanism to better protect a business’ network and make it easier to monitor.

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