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July 2024 Trending Topics


This month in trending tech and cyber....

New Security Warning for 400 Million Outlook Users as Email Bug Revealed

A security researcher found a critical bug in Microsoft Outlook that allows anyone to impersonate official Microsoft accounts in emails. This could be exploited for phishing scams and malware distribution, impacting 400 million users. The researcher responsibly disclosed the issue but Microsoft reportedly couldn't replicate it.

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US Bans Kaspersky Software for Alleged Russian Links

The US banned Kaspersky antivirus software due to concerns about its ties to the Russian government. US officials believe Russia could exploit Kaspersky's access to user systems for espionage. This ban restricts Kaspersky from selling or updating software within the US, impacting businesses and government agencies that rely on it. Kaspersky denies the allegations and plans to fight the decision.

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Change Healthcare Confirms Ransomware Hackers Stole Medical Records on a 'Substantial Proportion' of Americans

A ransomware attack on Change Healthcare, a company processing medical records for a large portion of Americans, resulted in a data breach affecting millions. The stolen data includes personal information, medical records, and health insurance details. The company is notifying those affected and is still determining the full scope of the stolen data. This is considered one of the largest medical data breaches in the US.

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