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Digital Storage and Retrieval

Going paperless or getting organized; there has never been a better solution than Pulse Technology’s digital storage and retrieval to get the job done. With an intelligent virtual filing cabinet and an easy to use interface, your business can finally keep track of those documents you can never seem to locate.

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Safe and Secure

Don't leave your information unprotected. Keep everything in the cloud and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Simple Sharing

Share data with friends, family and co-workers. This simple task is faster and easier, all while doing it in a secure matter.

Automatic Backups

Schedule automatic backups on your personal or work computer to assure your information is always backed up.

Workflow Management

With automation and efficiency as your main priorities, our workflow management solutions can easily take your business to the next level of productivity. Scan files directly to your virtual filing cabinet and automate the entire life of that document from your desk to the end users with the click of a button.

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Fast and

Reduced need for manual labor and increased productivity. You will never have to do a repetitive task ever again.

Simplified Communications

Workflow Management allows for the elimination of paper chasing, which makes your office greener and more efficient.

Shortened Project Timelines

Be more organized by notifying employees if a deadline is approaching. New projects can be projected as well.

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