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What We Saw in Cybersecurity 2023 and Preparing for 2024

Cybersecurity's role in protecting your business becomes more significant every year and 2023 proved no different. Several major trends emerged that have an impact on the steps diligent business owners and IT departments need to take to prevent their devices, programs, and cloud storage in 2024. Here are three of the most significant cybersecurity trends of 2023, as well as insights into how businesses should plan to respond in 2024 to strengthen their cybersecurity measures.  


Increased Emphasis on IoT and Cloud Security 

Wearable tech, smart appliances, and other IoT devices are becoming more common every year, and 2023 saw another sharp increase in the use of these tools. In 2024, the growth of 5G networks is likely to result in an even more significant increase in the number of IoT devices that are used, their overall capabilities, and their overall prominence in many users' everyday lives. However, with these increases in IoT use comes an increase in the focus that must be placed on keeping these devices secure. Cloud security for IoT devices is crucial because the infrastructure of these devices typically experiences frequent updates, which can result in malfunctioning products, lost information, and sudden security lapses.

In 2024, individuals and businesses alike must prioritize the implementation of robust security protocols, including multi-factor authentication, regular software updates, and encryption, to protect against increasing cyber threats. Additionally, it's essential to foster a culture of security awareness, ensuring that users are educated about the potential risks associated with IoT devices and the importance of maintaining security practices. 

Increased Cyber-Espionage 

International cyberattacks were once largely focused on government agencies, but the world's significant increase in reliance on technology to function means that businesses of nearly any size are also becoming more frequent targets. The widespread awareness that a severe cyberattack can temporarily or permanently cripple a business means that it is now easier than it has ever been to significantly damage a business and its customers by leaking sensitive information, disabling websites, deleting saved content, blocking payments, and otherwise tampering with devices, programs, and cloud storage. This means that businesses in any industry need to be more diligent than ever about frequently searching for potential security gaps and immediately fixing any issues that are located.

In 2024, it's vital for businesses to invest in advanced threat detection and response systems that can identify and neutralize cyber threats before they cause harm. This includes employing cybersecurity professionals who are adept at understanding and mitigating the tactics used by cyber-espionage agents. Furthermore, businesses should engage in regular cybersecurity training for all employees to create a first line of defense against phishing and other social engineering attacks.

Changes to Artificial Intelligence's Role in Cybersecurity 

2023 saw a massive increase in the capabilities and use of artificial intelligence in nearly every industry, and some AI uses can significantly boost the efficiency and productivity of certain industries. However, AI has made even what were once the strongest cybersecurity measures more complicated, which means that cybersecurity experts and IT departments should prioritize reevaluating their cybersecurity procedures and working on new solutions in areas in which AI has caused the most problems in the coming year. Cloning voices, creating fake videos that are similar to Photoshopped images, creating better phishing emails that focus on personalization and eliminate many of the details that once made them easy to spot, and using algorithms to more easily identify the best potential targets are just a few of the many ways AI has infiltrated what were once reliable cybersecurity measures. 

At the same time, many businesses can also take advantage of the ways in which advances in artificial intelligence can provide options for automating certain repetitive tasks. By identifying areas in which your business does not necessarily need a human's constant input, your business can free up time that may be better used on other tasks. Improving your cybersecurity measures is one of a wide range of ways your business can use this additional time to get the most out of your resources. 

At Pulse Technology, we are here to help business owners and IT departments stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends and find ways to incorporate them into their businesses. Our team will work with you to identify specific areas in which your business's cybersecurity team and the rest of your IT department can increase the security of your business and provide a better experience for your customers in 2024. Contact us today to get started!


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