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      What offices may look like in 2023

      As business owners look toward 2023, the workplace will continue to be much different than it was just a few short years ago. ...
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      All I Want for Christmas…is a Good Desk Chair!

      Just think about the number of hours we spend sitting at work – take the average 8-10 hour day, do the math and you’ll be ...
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      Video walls gain popularity during the pandemic restrictions.

      As businesses and organizations continue to seek ways to be creative and efficient in the “new normal” business environment of ...
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      For Innovation and Reliability, Think Sharp

      Sharp – the brand has become iconic with a global reputation of reliability. From printers and copiers to multi-function ...
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      Back to School: The CARES Act Can Help with Equipment Purchase

      As schools gear up for resuming in-person learning, there’s a great deal of preparation to be done – including taking inventory ...
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      Keep Your Distance! The Office Post COVID-19

      The question isn’t if the traditional office as we once knew it will change in the weeks, months and years following COVID-19 but ...
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