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Video walls gain popularity during the pandemic restrictions.

As businesses and organizations continue to seek ways to be creative and efficient in the “new normal” business environment of both in-person and virtual meetings, an option gaining in popularity is the “video wall.”

And why not? It takes videoconferencing to an entirely new level.

Direct view LED video wall technology is light years ahead of the previous technology delivering seamless images and scalability to any size or shape. The content is dynamic and looks good from any angle. Video walls provide much larger, higher-resolution images than single displays. A large, high-resolution central display enables all of the users in a space to clearly view, interact with, and share information.

Whether you’re on a conference call with someone in the next city or halfway around the world, this technology will make it seem like you’re practically in the same room. And the applications go far beyond teleconferencing, although that is a big advantage of this futuristic technology. Presentations, videos and so much more come to life in a way unlike what most businesses have ever seen.

Video walls can be curved, non-rectangular, and even 3D. The applications are endless for many different industries. Whether it’s an architectural design, a simulation system, or a networking meeting (and everything in between), a video wall is almost the same as being there in the same room. It is truly “the wave of the future.” This technology has been used by universities, research laboratories, the military, and sporting complexes. In fact, some sporting complexes have video walls that measure in excess of 200 feet.

Pulse has partnered with Watchfire to bring you the very latest in state-of-the-art technology for video walls and also digital signs to deliver your messages with impact! Check out our webpage for other video products.

But seeing is believing. Why not come to our conference center at our Schaumburg headquarters and see what it’s all about. For businesses looking to host conferences and events, we offer our space for rent for events and presentations. Come and We invited you to come to see our Schaumburg headquarters and see for yourself what a video wall can do. Businesses can rent the space for conferences and events. But it’s also a good chance to see how a video wall works. Call us and come in to see for yourself. To learn how Pulse Technology can help your business prepare for the future, contact us at

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