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      Why Do We Continue to Use Substandard Passwords?

      In a previous article, we addressed the importance of strong passwords and listed the most common ones used in recent years. Now, ...
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      Breakthrough in Scanning Devices in the Age of the Novel Coronavirus

      Amazing, this day and age of technology we live in! Just a mere couple decades ago, who would have thought we could control the ...
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      Conservation: Less CAN Be More!

      The so-called “paperless society” that seemed nothing more than fantasy a mere decade or so ago has become reality for many ...
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      Best Practices to Protect Against Dark Web Breaches

      While it is impossible to protect confidential information 100% of the time, regular risk assessments and real-time monitoring ...
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      Business Owners: Pay Attention to the Dark Web

      Last time around we talked about the Internet’s “dark web,” which in short cannot be accessed on a standard web browser but ...
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      Beware of the Dark Web

      The Internet – what would we do without it? From work-related research, to online shopping and a whole lot in between, “logging ...
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      Working from Home: Some Considerations as the Remote Office Environment Expands

      Working from home is increasingly commonplace as many companies in response to COVID-19 restrictions have had large numbers of ...
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      Voice Technology – Working Its Way To Your Office

      There’s hardly one among us that isn’t familiar with Apple’s “Siri” or Amazon’s “Alexa” – if you want the answer to an obscure ...
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      Does That Email Look Suspicious?

      Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about attempted hacking. While no one is immune to the threat, cyber attacks and ...
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