Surveillance Cameras Provide Peace of Mind for Business Owners

With many offices left empty much of the time these days – except for the occasional visit to retrieve mail, reset the thermostat or water plants – installing a surveillance camera is becoming more of a necessity.

There are many good reasons for camera installation, the primary being a bit more peace of mind; let’s take a look at a few other compelling reasons to make this relatively inexpensive investment.

Protection against intruders definitely ranks high on the list. Even if you or a skeleton crew of staff are working from the office, the off hours are fair (or make that unfair) game for unsolicited entry.  Security cameras will help to monitor a break-in.

Every office has its share of confidential and important files and documents, and many also house costly equipment, components, etc. Installing a camera system won’t necessarily prevent a forced entry, but it will provide you with the video footage of the burglary and possibly assist in catching the criminals and recover the stolen property.

A digital video recorder/camera with a hard drive can record hours of high density footage. These systems typically include an 8-channel DVR for easy viewing and playback of videos. They are weatherproofed against outdoor conditions, are night vision enhanced for video recording in dark settings, and motion detection senses movement to capture all details.

Installing surveillance cameras also increases the chance of receiving more in return on insurance claims in the aftermath of a break-in. Having footage that can be easily viewed demonstrates that you were vigilant about providing security.

Placing video surveillance systems are less costly than hiring full-time security officers for every corner, entrance and exit.  Appropriately placed cameras can ensure that only registered employees and guests are allowed into restricted areas.

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