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Increase Student Engagement with Technology

How to Increase Student Engagement with Technology

A December 2021 study by Education Week found that 68% of teachers cited low student engagement as a widespread problem. But solutions like interactive whiteboard also referred to as smartboards look to be the answer.

Data shows that by 2025 interactive whiteboards will populate 90% of the K-12 market.

Student Engagement

And educators are embracing this technology transition. They love smartboards because they are a powerful tool that enables them to use visuals, sound, and multimedia in the classroom with ease and minimal setup.

Benefits cited by educators include:

  • Increased Engagement - Smartboards can help keep students engaged in the classroom by providing interactive and visual elements to lessons.
  • Easier Collaboration - They can make it easier for students to collaborate with one another on projects.
  • Improved Learning Outcomes - They can help improve learning outcomes by providing a more engaging and interactive learning experience.
  • Reduced Preparation Time - Smartboards can help reduce the amount of time teachers spend preparing for lessons by providing pre-made content and templates.
  • Improved Accessibility - They can make it easier for students with disabilities to access and participate in classroom activities.

So, how can you utilize a smartboard in your classroom?

  • Presentations - Smartboards can be used to present slideshows and videos, as well as draw diagrams and graphs.
  • Collaborative Learning - They can be used to facilitate group activities and discussions.
  • Interactive Learning - They can be used to create interactive lessons and activities for students.
  • Assessment - They can be used for assessment purposes, such as quizzes and tests.
  • Engagement - Smartboards can be used to engage students by allowing them to interact with the board and providing visual and auditory feedback.
  • Games and Activities - They can be used to create fun games and activities for students to play.

See how interactive whiteboards
can improve your classroom.

Elevate Education

When it comes to the best smartboard, Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboard is at the head of the class. With 4K resolution and a Pen-on-Paper writing experience, Sharp’s line of Aquos Boards are the perfect addition to your classroom.

Sharp Interactive Whiteboard-1

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