Breakthrough in Scanning Devices in the Age of the Novel Coronavirus

      Amazing, this day and age of technology we live in! Just a mere couple decades ago, who would have thought we could control the temperature in our homes from long distance, never mind store pretty much all our information on a cell phone.

      And since technology never rests on it laurels, now there’s a “new kid in town,” and it’s all about keeping each other safe in the age of COVID-19.

      Right now when you enter most places of businesses or healthcare facilities, you’re stopped at the door, checked for a mask and then your temperature is taken. But what if this process could be done in an instant, without contact with other people and before you enter the building?

      That’s exactly what a proprietary device called OneScreen GoSafe does. Introduced by tech giant Qualcomm, this new-to-the-market system can scan for temperature and mask presence. It also includes facial recognition; as such it can recognize employees entering a facility even with their masks on.

      This timely application of technology can prevent people from entering a building if they have an elevated temperature or if they’re not wearing a mask. In less than a second, it can measure temperature, perform facial recognition, and read an ID card. Then, based on the results of the scan, the device can notify a human monitor or automatically grant or deny access when connected to a building security system.

      The scanning screen can be attached to a wall or placed on a table top or floor stand and includes live video assistance for real time entry approval. It also integrates with automatic doors.

      This device comes available at a pivotal time, with many businesses, restaurants and schools now (or in the very near future) poised to re-open. In fact, it was fast-tracked because of the pandemic. Yes, other building access products with temperature control have been introduced in the wake of the virus, but this one distinguishes itself by allowing live video assistance for real-time entry approval.

      Let’s face it – the desire to return to some semblance of normalcy is being felt by most of us, but we also want to feel safe when entering a place of employment, restaurant, store, etc. Visiting those places that have the right protocols to better ensure our safety can take a load off our worried minds. Thanks to products like OneScreen GoSafe, that load can be lifted a little.

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