Always Test your Infrastructure’s Vulnerabilities

Anyone who has listened to or watched any news in the last several weeks has heard of the term Log4j. It’s unfortunately well on its way to becoming a household word.

Log4j is a programming code in the Java platform, and there is a vulnerability within it, with potential damage that should concern everyone. Businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations and anyone who uses the Internet for the storage of data of every kind (in other words, almost everyone) should take the news of Log4j as a wake-up call to test how strong their infrastructure system is against attacks.

The software code is used extensively on the Internet by some of the big names that you are familiar with – and some believe that federal agencies are likely using software with this embedded vulnerability. It is believed to exist all across the globe and within everything from video games to cloud storage.

It was first detected in late November, when hackers infiltrated a video game program. And its use has expanded significantly. Government officials believe that consumers will be wrestling with this for a very long time.

Businesses and organizations should determine which of their programs use Log4j and watch for alerts – and if there are updates, install them. Pay careful attention to updates on apps, software and devices. It makes sense now more than ever to partner with a trusted IT or cybersecurity provider who can advise you as to what are the correct steps in monitoring for updates and being certain that they are applied properly. The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is leading the response for the United States government. You can stay up to date with their efforts by visiting their website

In addition to having your s Managed Service(IT) partner guide you with software updates, now is a good time to test your infrastructure’s vulnerability. You may not be able to stop hackers from coming up with new and advanced ways to infiltrate networks, but you can understand where the weaknesses are in your system which would make you more susceptible to hacks of any kind. The right IT partner can keep your system running, protect you from hacks and help you protect your data – as well as the data of your clients.

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