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Return to Routine Technology Upgrades

The traffic is back during commute hours; office supply stores are active again; restaurants are doling out dishes during the weekday lunch hour – all signs that life as we know it has turned the corner back to a semblance of normalcy for most businesses.
But what comes with this return to routine is the need, for many companies, to update their technology systems post the COVID-19 pandemic – particularly those companies that were unprepared for the sudden shift to a remote workforce. Many employees are now going back to the physical office, but a certain percentage of the workforce will likely remain remote, prompting the need for some technology adjustments, such as:
Investment in the Cloud: Hosting and connecting remote employees was a primary challenge faced by business owners during the pandemic. In order to meet the future digital needs of both remote and on-premises employees, companies should consider migrating to the cloud.
Email protection: Email has become “the” communication method of choice for most businesses, so the need to protect sensitive material from both human error and cybersecurity threats cannot be overstated. Upgrading email protection and implementing tools that incorporate advanced security technology should be high on the priority list.
Update software: Business software has evolved dramatically – and for the better – in a relatively short period of time, rendering some systems antiquated. As a result, older software doesn’t have the capability to protect data. Failing to download update software leaves a business open to huge security risks and missed functionality improvements.
AI/ML based communication: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are currently and will continue to play an increased role in communication solutions. Small to medium businesses account for more than 50% of the total job creations in the U.S. and account for 40% of the country’s GDP. AI/ML applications for small businesses can be used to handle a majority of routine or repetitive tasks.
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