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Epson Office Products

Solving Tomorrow’s Document Solutions Problems Today

Their motto is “imagine a world of possibilities with Epson business solutions” and no wonder!

From printers with single and multifunction options, advanced point-of-sale technology, and robust value-added functionality to help make any business – no matter the size – run as smoothly as possible, Epson stands as a worldwide leader in innovative document solutions.

The Epson portfolio of solutions can optimize business printing through effective document capture and workflow management, print security, mobile, and scan functionality.

On the rise as one of the most requested print capability requests are wide format printers and Epson offers several leading-edge choices. Wide format printers present a number of opportunities beyond what traditional printing machines can deliver, by supporting a print roll width of anywhere between 18” to up to 100” in some cases. These large-format machines can produce banners, posters, trade show graphics, vehicle image wraps, electronic circuit schematics, architectural drawings, construction plans, and backdrops for theatrical or media sets.

And then there’s Epson’s proprietary inkjet technology – PrecisionCore. A departure from traditional ink technology, the heart of PrecisionCore is in contrast with laser printing and thermal inkjet printers which rely on heat to push ink through their nozzles. The Epson PrecisionCore technology is a simple non-contact process that uses the piezoelectric crystal actuators instead of heat to mechanically eject ink. The process, therefore, does not require heat, resulting in printheads that are highly durable and see very little deterioration over time. It may sound complicated and highly technical, but the bottom line is that PrecisionCore works to deliver superior image quality at dramatic speeds.

Epson is also recognized as the #1-selling projector manufacturer worldwide, delivering a wide range of projector and display solutions to enhance communication and inspire collaboration.

When it comes down to it, Epson’s technologies are designed to help businesses succeed by solving tomorrow’s document solutions problems today. Learn more by filling out our Technology Assessment form.

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