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Artificial Intelligence Just What the Doctor Ordered

Artificial Intelligence “Just What the Doctor Ordered”

Recently we entered into a partnership with Formed AI, a New York-based company that partners with companies – like Pulse Technology – to introduce artificial intelligence to document management systems to provide software solutions and services that bridge data, communication and technology gaps experienced by businesses.

We have every confidence that with the capabilities of Formed AI we’ll have an additional instrument in our document management toolbox for many of our clients, particularly those in the legal, manufacturing, and financial services industries.

So, what are the advantages of artificial intelligence in document management? 

The support of data analytics is top of the list; AI-based software uses machine learning, predictive analysis and data visualization to obtain information from data contained in documents.  

Data extraction is another hallmark of AI because it can analyze information to identify context. This is especially beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses that produce large amounts of data daily; as such it is critical to extract relevant information to accomplish a specific task. AI does this by integrating document management with machine learning algorithms so users can get to critical data easily.

Then there’s document clustering, where ordinarily documents are grouped based on topics but without classification. Artificial intelligence streamlines this process into a fast, simple and well organized flow and allows users to understand how specific documents are related to one another in a broader context.

AI-software also provides advanced security, using data-driven techniques to detect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data.

As paper-intensive industries seek to digitize their paper documents for both safety and space considerations, we believe that the Formed AI offering will be “just what the doctor ordered.”

Those interested in a demonstration of how the software works, please email or call 847-879-6400.

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