3 Powerful Tools to Power-Up Your Business in 2024

Empowering your business goals with the right tech tools is more than just essential, it's a game-changer.

In this guide, we'll cover each of the three tools in the Pulse Protect Power-Up - Managed IT ServicesCybersecurity, and Microsoft Azure. PLUS the benefits of the trio and how to power up your business.

Let's take a comprehensive look.

Managed IT-1Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are a collection of technology tools that ensure your network is running efficiently and smoothly. Take a deeper dive into Managed IT

Services Available Include

  • vCIO Services - Virtual Chief Information Officers or “VCIOs” are available to act as the executive level technology consultants for your business, without hiring a full-time IT Department.

  • Network Operations Center - Monitoring and remediation are set up to keep servers and workstations healthy up to and through the operating system.

  • Managed Network Services - With a proactive team of tech experts, we will monitor and maintain your network to prevent downtime before it occurs.

  • Data Backup & Recovery - Acting as an insurance policy for your business’ data, backup and recovery services have got you covered in case disaster strikes.

  • Networking Hardware - Physical hardware needed to either upgrade or add to your current IT network and systems.

  • Co-Managed IT - Boost your IT team's impact with a collaborative management approach giving you access to expert advice, support, and additional resources.



Cybersecurity services for businesses provide a proactive approach that includes testing, detection systems, firewalls, training, and more.

Services Available Include

  • Penetration Testing Penetration testing is a proactive approach to assessing the security of an organization's systems and networks by simulating real-world attacks. Vulnerability management is the ongoing process of identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating vulnerabilities within an organization's infrastructure.

  • Third-Party Risk Assessment - Third-party assessments in cybersecurity involve engaging external entities, such as independent auditors or security consulting firms, to evaluate and validate the security measures and practices implemented by an organization.

  • Total Security - Unified Threat Management (UTM) based firewall solution including cloud sandboxing, AI-powered anti-malware protection, DNS filtering, and network and endpoint threat correlation protects your infrastructure from outside threats.

  • Emergency Response Planning - A cybersecurity emergency response plan guides businesses on how to effectively respond to and mitigate cyber incidents.

  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) - SIEM solutions help you meet compliances and most importantly protect your infrastructure from known and unknown threats.

  • Managed Security  A comprehensive suite of tools to keep your business and employees safe.

  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) - Continually monitoring your cloud infrastructure to investigate and remediate any known or unknown threats.

  • Security Awareness Training - Educate employees about common attack vectors, such as phishing emails and social engineering techniques, and teach them how to identify suspicious activities and potential risks.

  • Email Encryption, Journaling, & Spam Protection - Secure emails with sensitive information and rid the need for outdated technologies such as faxing.

  • Secure Wifi & Remote Workers - Secure your employees in the remote workplace including public WIFI locations. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides a modern approach to VPN connectivity and keeps all data to and from your employee’s devices encrypted and safe while providing them with increased performance to company resources.

Microsoft Azure-3Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform with endless possibilities that can be customized to your industry and business.

Some Azure Services


Benefits of Pulse Protect Power-Up

The Pulse Protect Power-Up provides all industries with a unique and customizable way to hit their 2024 goals faster. Here are just some of the many benefits you'll see:
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Proactive (vs. reactive) cybersecurity
  • Scalability without upfront investments in hardware or software
  • Enhanced business agility and resilience
  • Increase customer trust with the latest cybersecurity solutions
  • A team of IT experts to resolve issues quickly
  • The latest security patches and updates
  • Compliance with new and emerging regulatory requirements
  • Establish cloud-based communications and collaboration
  • A competitive edge

How ToHow to Power-Up

Powering up your business and crushing your biggest business goals is easy with the right provider. Get Started