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Workflow Automation Tools

There are many workflow automation tools available that can help streamline and automate business processes. Here are some examples of popular workflow automation tools:

  • Asana: A project management tool that offers automation features, such as automatically assigning tasks and sending notifications.
  • Jira: A project management tool that can be customized with plugins to automate workflows and improve collaboration.
  • Salesforce: A customer relationship management (CRM) tool that offers workflow automation features to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes.
  • Workato: An integration and automation platform that connects different apps and services, allowing users to automate workflows across multiple systems.
  • Process Street: A workflow and process management tool that allows users to create and automate checklists, forms, and workflows.
  • Kissflow: A no-code workflow automation tool that allows users to automate repetitive tasks, approvals, and workflows without any coding knowledge.
  • Zapier: A tool that connects over 3,000 apps and allows users to automate repetitive tasks by creating custom workflows, or "zaps."

These are just a few examples, and there are many other workflow automation tools available depending on the specific needs of a business or organization.