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Why You Need Social Media for Business

This is a media driven world we live in now, and it is something that a lot of people should get used too.

You hear it all the time; phones, social media and the internet are taking over this generation. Whether it be from your parents, your boss, or the 92-year-old grandma yelling at you for being on your phone inside of Costco (yes, that happen to me). This is a media driven world we live in now, and it is something that a lot of people should get used too.

There could be a lot of negatives to social media, but to be honest, I don’t see any disadvantages to having social media accounts for your business or company. I see it as negative if you DON’T have any sort of media. It only benefits your business and slowly takes you to the top as you get more followers and eyes on your page. You can connect with customers on a whole new level and grow your network. It is important to keep your clients and partners informed about everything. We want to make it easy to find the answers and info you need, whenever you want, and as quick as possible. Whether that be our Pulse Technology website, or any of our social media pages.

Social media also gives you the opportunity to share the truth. If you love our business, tell us! If you aren’t happy with us, tell us and we will change and strive to be better. People obviously want to know what the good products and services are, so then it can make their buying decision easier. You can share your content on so many different platforms, which allows you to strut your stuff. Show off! Let the people know what you are known for and what you are good at.

For most social media accounts, you can drive targeted audiences with certain posts. Use those hashtags and use a lot of them! Especially if you are new to the social media game. You want people to type in a word in the search bar and instantly have your name pop up. A lot of your customers leads will come from social media. Everything is online nowadays. so, get the people’s attention!

The most important marketing tool for any company is having great accounts. It allows you to interact with customers. You can read comments and see what the people like and don’t like. What are they looking for? What type of posts do they want to see? What types of products are they buying? Really study up on what your viewers want, and not just what you think looks good. Try to get them to keep coming back.

GET ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA GAME. Yeah, this is coming from a 24-year-old millennial…. However, us young kiddos know what we are doing. It really is about what you know and how much you engage with the consumers. Don’t be afraid to do new things. Break the mold and create content your followers will never forget. For Pulse Technology, our end goal is to make our customers happy, and sprucing up our social media outlets has only helped our business. So, what are you waiting for?! Download those social media apps and get those customers!