An Organized Desk is An Organized Mind!

With remote work part of our “new normal”, now might be the time to reassess your at-home workstation to be sure it doesn’t hamper efficiency.

With remote work part of our “new normal” for who knows how long, now might be the time to reassess your at-home workstation to be sure it doesn’t hamper efficiency.

No question that high speed internet, Zoom capability, copier/scanner and other essential tools are the foundation of a home office that works, but what is sometimes overlooked is the importance of an organized desk.

Maintaining organization promotes productivity – and even more crucially, it may prevent an important document or two from ending up in the household trash by mistake. A cluttered workspace is an invitation to disorder, so uninvite that clutter with desktop organizers, file sorters and holders. From simple letter trays to vertical organizers, panel wall clips, 4-tier organizers and mesh wire wall pockets, the options to maintain an orderly workspace are many.

And even if most of your ‘writing’ is done electronically, a pen and paper holder is still a good idea item to have on your desk.

Often neglected, yet important is the humble desk clock. Laptop and smartphone clocks are rather small and may not be adequate to keep you on track timewise. A simple travel clock will do fine, but consider other options, such as a portable desk clock with additional functionalities, like Bluetooth connectivity, LED display and smartphone charging.

Even if your home office has decent lighting, a desk lamp is still an essential accessory and a good antidote for eye strain. There are many to choose from, including flexible LED lamps and USB task lights.

The reminders of home may be all around since you are in fact working from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up that in-house work station with a framed picture or two or a digital photo frame that displays photos in a slideshow fashion. It may rile your family, but you might consider having photos of your work colleagues displayed on your desk!

No home office desk is complete without a beverage mug and some small de-stressor. A cube game, stress ball or other item that takes your mind off of work for a few minutes can help to release tension, promote calm and help refocus the mind.