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Virtual Chief Information Officer: Executive Level Talent Meets Part-Time Budget

Running a small to medium-sized company can present some complications in terms of IT planning. In the absence of a crystal ball, the need for a full-time professional IT team, (along with full-time professional IT salaries) down the short or longer road might be up in the air. If your business is growing – and we certainly hope it is – then you’re likely going to have to conduct some calculated planning to be sure your IT infrastructure can meet your present and future needs. So, how can you devise a long-term IT plan without breaking the bank or spending weeks on the interview and hiring process?

Enter the Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO), a consultant who can provide a wide range of IT support, from basic to major. By working with a VCIO partner, you are assured of being matched with a consultant or consulting team with specialized experience in serving the small to mid-sized business sector.

A VCIO can help you plan a predictable business technology budget for both the short and long terms; decrease operating costs and improve productivity for company; and ensure security, including business continuity, disaster recovery and compliance.

A VCIO can also assist in tracking the performance of your company’s IT systems, recommend the elimination of outdated servers and provide regular and thorough reports about your IT infrastructure performance in general.

Think of a VCIO as a proactive approach to IT spending – someone you can rely on to create a reasonable budget and technology blueprint so that you can concentrate on all the other critical elements of running a business. Learn more by emailing us: info@pulsetechnology.com.

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