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Pulse Technology & Zultys is proud to deliver the award-winning, all-in-one IP phone system to companies of all sizes.

Pulse Technology is a proud partner of Zultys. We offer the latest communication and collaboration tools so employees working in or out of the office can quickly gain access and share information. Streamlining communication and increasing access to information leads to better employee productivity, employee retention, better citizen service and faster turnaround on projects.

Whether you have a single office or many offices spread across the country or around the world, a Pulse/Zultys solution will improve how you communicate with your customers and how your employees collaborate with each other.

A unified communications solution delivers the functionality your business needs today and into the future.


Zultys Cloud Services at a Glance

Zultys Cloud Support Button

Every phone has a button that enables users to call Zultys support with a less than 16-second average hold time.

Flexibility of Deployment

Zultys Advanced Communicator is both client-and browser-based, utilizing Web RTC technology, to allow your customers to have a choice.

One-Touch Record

Press a record button on a physical phone inside ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator) or with MXmobile on your iPhone or Android device. The recording starts from the beginning of a call with the simple press or click of a record button during an active call.

Call Attach Data

Take notes during and after a business call with customized Call Attached Data (CAD) fields. CAD fields are included with a call when transferred to other users on the system. Acknowledging why someone is calling helps improve the customer experience. Run reports on any CAD field using MX reports.

Screen Share and Video

Easily share your screen or start video with the click of a button. Collaborate with other individuals and groups within your organization, or invite outside parties. Allow your team to collaborate seamlessly without a subscription or the need to download a separate piece of software.

Work Anywhere & Everywhere

Zultys delivers an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable platform designed to streamline all forms of communications and increase productivity for any size business. With Zultys, users can control all forms of communications in a single user interface. This architecture allows users to seamlessly handle all types of customer communications in one easy-to-use platform.


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Zultys in Vertical Market


Built using SIP open standards, the fully featured Zultys MX system with UC is all schools need for customizing their communications in a distributed network environment. Implementing Zultys cost-effective IP-based UC solutions delivers a quick return on investment.


Using open source technology, Zultys VoIP Healthcare System is compatible with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), practice management systems and Microsoft Outlook.

Law Firms

Using an IP PBX phone system with Presence, Instant Messaging and Collaboration tools that flexibly integrates with other business and legal productivity tools is an innovative way to distinguish your firm from the competition.


Unified Communications solutions from Zultys help government agencies to realize productivity gains, reduce costs and increase organizational efficiency.

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