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Reforesting Our Planet

Offices are big contributors to deforestation by way of copier and printer paper. The loss of trees directly contributes to climate change. But there's a way to reduce your impact, by planting trees - and it's all done automatically for you! Print Releaf monitors your printer and copier usage and replants trees around the world to offset the number you've used. It's that simple! Start taking sustainable steps to help the environment and meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals sooner.


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How Print Releaf Works

How Print Releaf Works




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The Facts

  • U.S. offices use 12.1 trillion sheets of paper each year equaling 1.45 billion trees
  • Print Releaf has reforested 4.5 million trees to date, offsetting 37.7 billion letter pages
  • Reforestation Projects Are Currently in: Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, India, Ireland, Madagascar, Mexico, U.S. - California & South Dakota

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