Have you ever been so frustrated with technology that you want to break it? Throw your computer across the room? Break the video display screen? If you think that it’s just me, you’re lying to yourself! Technology can be a frustrating thing for people who are not as educated with the tech trends. Not everyone can be extremely efficient with high tech stuff and know how to fix a problem right as it happens. However, there is no need to worry, because this is where Pulse Technology comes in.

Our company offers a little thing called VCIO. Heavy sarcasm on “little.” Virtual Chief Information Officers, or “VCIOs” are available to act as the executive level technology consultants for your business, without incurring the expense of hiring a full time IT staff. Form basic support to major consultations, your VCIO becomes a key member of your businesses team. How cool is that, right? We are business minded people who keep an eye on your technology and the business side to your network. This is not just a person over the phone either. We will sit in on staff meetings, at no extra cost and figure out long term plans. We want to be a partner and function like a full IT staff.

If no one sees the trends or problems within your network, you will always be having problems with that network. It wouldn’t be good if Pulse Technology was only there when there were “fires.” You will never have that strong relationship or trust with your clients in that case. You don’t need the expense of hiring a full time IT department. This is a position for us that means, “hey, when you need us, we are there.”

Having a VCIO on your team helps us stay proactive and more involved with your business. We will keep you up to date and educated with the tech world and help you become the best you can be. To have an intimate understanding of your network, users, and devices, the first thing we do is assign a VCIO to your organization. We will work with you, set up demos, review status’ and make recommendations. Pulse also provides the services that include writing policies for your team and doing seminars to keep employers up to date.  We have done seminars up to 200 people, so we aren’t afraid to show off what we know!

Pulse Technology wants to be a key member of your business’ team. Having a VCIO on your team will decrease operating costs and improve productivity for your company. It ensures security, business continuity, disaster recovery and compliance.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website www.pulsetechnology.com and find out how you can set up support. Just fill out a form, and we do the rest. We will asses the situation, design a custom solution, implement the plan, maintain your network and optimize your needs. Let us fix your headaches and become a team player in your business.

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