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We are excited to announce our upcoming show – The Cyber Collective, featuring Vince Miceli, our VP of Technology Development.

In the inaugural episode, Vince will delve into the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and shed light on the criticality of cyber insurance across diverse industries. Additionally, gain invaluable expert insights to swiftly fortify your business against cyber-attacks.

When: October 19th at 8:35am CST

Topic: Ep 1 - Cyber Attacks & Insurance Requirements

Where to Listen: WJOB AM 1230/104.7 FM or listen here:

Where to Watch: JEDtv platforms - Amazon, Apple TV, and Roku (links to recording will be uploaded after the show)

Meet The Experts

Vince Miceli

Vince Miceli

Pulse Technology

Vince Mazza

Vince Mazza

Guard Street

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith


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