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Ring in the New Year with a Workflow Management Solution

If automation and efficiency are your top priorities, now may be the time to look into workflow management – solutions that can take your business easily to the next level of productivity.

Here’s the 101 on a workflow management system. In brief, it’s a cloud-based software application designed for setting up and monitoring a defined set of tasks along a sequence, allowing businesses to manage and control daily tasks in an organized and simplified manner.

It’s the process of coordinating the many tasks that comprise the work that an organization or team conducts. Think of workflow as a sequence of tasks and subtasks that are part of a project… or for a better visual, look at is as a conveyor belt of moving parts, all necessary to take a task from beginning to end.

A reduced need for manual labor and increased productivity are the main calling cards of workflow management since automated workflow eliminates the need for repetitive tasks. As a bonus, the amount of paper used is substantially reduced – and we all know that greener is better! Moreover, the time it takes to complete projects can be shortened with a workflow solution.

Need more convincing? Here’s a list of what a workflow management system allows you to do:

  • Streamline daily tasks and processes
  • Scan files directly to a virtual filing cabinet
  • Automate the entire life of a document from one desk to all users with one click
  • Increase output and productivity
  • Identify and eliminate obstructions
  • Reduce risk of error and subsequent need to re-do work
  • Provide simplified and seamless communication and collaboration with team members
  • Over time identify performance metrics for individuals, teams and the organization in general

Ultimately, a workflow management system provides the key to awareness of how an organization steps through daily workflows, while identifying areas for improvement.

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