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Add Promotional Products to Your Marketing Mix

With the entire world seemingly gone digital, you might ask where promotional products fit into today’s business marketing strategy. While it’s true that the past year has seen an enormous decline in the events where branded items take a center stage, the importance of promotional products should not be ignored – even in the age of COVID.

From repeat advertising to augmented brand awareness, there are several reasons why these items remain valuable marketing tools, beginning with their relatively low cost and long-lasting impact.

Think about it – digital ads are here and gone in mere seconds. Email ads come and go with a click of the mouse, but useful branded products are tangible. Pens, t-shirts, desk accessories, magnets, caps, and mouse pads are all items that clients can and will use.

And let’s not forget personalized USB drives branded with your company logo – a modern twist on the promotional product offering. Of course, there’s always candy/snack products, and stress balls are on the rise as popular promotional items. After the year we’ve endured, there’s no wonder!

There are also higher end products such as branded briefcases. These items seem to hit a happy chord with the executive level set.

Gone are the days when a business card was what was relied upon to build brand recognition. That’s not to say that high quality business cards aren’t important in the business world, but there exist more interesting and effective ways to keep your company top of mind with clients.

Promotional products can run the range from very inexpensive to costly. Before earmarking a line for branded items in your budget, consider the type of message you want to relay. And remember that meaningful, good quality products are most likely to make the type of impression you want to deliver.

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